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Chapters Author Queue
Log 1: Rock Action
Log 2: Command Blues
Log 3: Pre-Holiday Jitters
Log 4: Tourist Traps
Log 5: Running Discord
Log 6: Counterpoint and Harmony
Log 7: Prisoner's Interlude
Log 8: Pianissimo Lullaby
Log 9: Downbeat
Log 10: Performance Night
Phoebe/Jeffery Petersen
Kristen Smirnov
Robin Strickland
Marcus Fong
Jeffery Petersen (2)
Phoebe (2)
Marcus Fong (2)
Nathan Baxter
Kristen Smirnov (2)
Marcus Fong (3)
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Omake/Fanart Author
Dogfighter Gospel Logo
XV-31 Mantis sketch
Lawrence Chu
Marcus Fong
Kristen Smirnov


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