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Chapter 1: Strange Soil
Chapter 2: All In A Day's Work
Chapter 3: Higher Learning
Chapter 4: Short Battle, Long Speech
Chapter 5: Settling In
Chapter 6: Old Aquaintances
Chapter 7: When Mercenaries Attack
Chapter 8: Test Your Might
Chapter 9: Clean-up In Aisle Four
Chapter 10: Three Shots In The Dark
Chapter 11: Paradigm Shift
Kate Malloy
Zack Hibiki
Steven Hykes
Gaijin Dan Mastriani
King of Ducks
ColdFury (2)
Rei Inverse
Steven Hykes (2)
Gaijin Dan (2)
ColdFury (3)



Omake/Fanart Author
Tuxedo America Logo Gaijin Dan Mastriani


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