dream tides


dream tides is an EXPERIMENTAL Impro and thus is run under different rules than those which apply to the rest of wtfiction. parts are due every ten days, with a possible extension to two weeks.

Cham, your part is due January 27.
to sign up, please email Phoebe and include a sample of recent writing (so I can decide your ability to handle dream tides) or a short scene (3k or so) on the theme 'friends'.

Chapters Author Queue
Verse 1: The Locus
Verse 2: A Room Full Of Mirrors
Verse 3: A Day Full Of Revelations
Verse 4: A Wood Full Of Mysteries
Todd Harper
Lady Chaos
Cham (2)
Phoebe (2)



Omake / Fanart
The Merry (Albeit) Rather Pointless Adventures of SubQuest Boy
Adventure 1: Something Almost Happens.
Night-Time Jaunt

Lady Chaos



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